How to Drop off the Working Pass?

To drop off your working pass at MOM, you need to know exactly where to go. The introduction section will provide an overview of the process while the benefits section highlights why it’s important to return your pass.

Where to Drop off the Working Pass at Mom

When it comes to returning your work pass to MOM, there’s the Work Pass Department counter on the first floor of the MOM Services Centre. Bring your original and a photocopy of the pass. S Pass and Employment Pass holders must also provide their fingerprints at the biometric registration booth. Can’t make it to the MOM Services Centre? There’s an online option too!

Note that failing to return the pass by the deadline might lead to penalties or other consequences. So, be sure to take note of the authorities’ instructions. All foreign employees must return their work passes when they leave Singapore. Those who don’t face action from both employers and employees! Don’t forget to bring a passport, a pen, and lots of patience.

Requirements for Dropping Off the Working Pass

To drop off your working pass, having certain documents in hand is essential. In order to fulfill the requirements of dropping off the working pass, you need to possess an existing work pass, a valid passport, a re-entry permit (if needed), and an employment letter from your employer. These documents will be necessary when you visit the specific MOM office.

Existing Work Pass

To surrender your existing work license, there are specific criteria to meet. These vary, depending on the work pass type, salary and educational qualifications.

Employment Pass:

  1. Salary of at least $4,500.
  2. Relevant educational degrees.


  1. Salary of at least $2,500.
  2. Relevant academic or vocational certificates.

Work Permit:

  1. In-demand industries, like construction or manufacturing.
  2. Workers must come from approved countries.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP):

  1. Minimum fixed salary of $12,000.
  2. Previous employment pass status.

Additionally, you’ll need documents such as the cancellation form, a valid travel document and your employer’s authorization letter. Plus, don’t forget your passport!

It’s best to start the transition process promptly, providing all needed documentation. Otherwise, there may be delays or rejections.

So, it’s wise to get help from Singaporean migration specialists. They can give specialized advice, tailored to you. This will save you time and money, and make sure you meet local regulations.

Valid Passport

For entry requirements, a confirmed passport is a must. It must be valid for at least six months after departure. Plus, two blank pages are needed for entry and exit endorsements.

Also, some countries require a visa before travel. So, double-check that all documents are up-to-date.

Pro Tip: Get copies of your passport documents. Store them in a secure place or upload to the cloud. Be prepared for any situation – get a re-entry permit. Better safe than sorry!

Re-Entry Permit (if applicable)

You need a Re-Entry Permit to leave Singapore. Present it when dropping off your work pass if you plan on returning for work.

Your Re-Entry Permit must be valid. It will make re-entering the country easier.

If you don’t have a Re-Entry Permit or it’s expired, get one before leaving. Not having it may make it hard to come back for work.

Pro Tip: Renew your Re-Entry Permit two months before it expires. Avoid chaos!

Employment Letter from Employer

You will need an official letter from your employer to drop off your working pass. It must include the start and end dates of your employment, your job title, and the reason for termination. The letter should also be signed by an authorized representative.

It’s important to note that you can’t drop off the pass without this letter. The Ministry of Manpower may also ask for additional documents or info before they process your request.

If your employer provides a generic letter for all employees who are leaving, it’s best to request a personalized one with all the details. A friend of mine had to do this because her generic letter didn’t include her job title or exact dates of employment.

Steps to Drop Off the Working Pass at MOM

To successfully drop off your working pass at MOM, you need to know the steps to follow. Verify the required documents, approach customer service, submit the documents, and pay the processing fees. These subsections will guide you through the process.

Verify Required Documents

It is essential to comply with the list of necessary documents for a smooth drop-off of the working pass at MOM. Check below for the documents needed:

Documents NeededRemarks
ID ProofMandatory for identification.
Employment Pass Notification LetterConfirmation from employer on status and validity.
MOM Appointment SlipTo schedule an appointment for submission.

Note: Documents must be valid and in good condition. Have all the documents ready before scheduling your appointment.

Check every document carefully before submitting the application. Incomplete or irrelevant documents will cause delays. Make sure all requirements are met before submission.

A friend recently had her work-pass renewal delayed by several weeks due to incorrect documentation. So, double-check all required documents before submitting them at MOM to guarantee smooth processing.

Navigating customer service at MOM is not easy, but it’s worth taking the time to check your paperwork!

Approaching Customer Service

When dropping off your work pass at MOM, the first step is to go to the customer service counter. You’ll need to bring documents such as your passport/ID and employment letter. The customer service staff will review them and help you further.

Be prepared for a wait. Clear your schedule and arrive early, so you can finish the process quickly.

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to ask the customer service staff for help. They are trained to handle different situations.

It’s essential to follow all procedures correctly when dropping off your work pass. According to MOM, not canceling the pass before leaving Singapore can result in penalties or legal consequences.

Submitting documents to MOM is much easier than submitting taxes!

Submitting the Documents

Ready to move on? You need to terminate your work pass by submitting documents to MOM (Ministry of Manpower)! Here’s how:

  1. Print the Employment Pass Cancellation Form from Mom’s website.
  2. Get your employer’s signature from the form.
  3. Prepare all necessary supporting documents, including filling and signing accurately.
  4. Bring the requirements plus a valid ID to any of Mom’s dropboxes or counters. Wait for confirmation before leaving.

Dropbox locations are all over Singapore but only certain service counters are open during this pandemic season.

Double-check your filled information – errors might lead to delays or even an extension in the termination process. Don’t miss out on any inefficiencies. Drop off your working pass now and start enjoying your new career!

Payment of Processing Fees

Submitting the processing fees is a must for dropping off your work pass at MOM. Follow payment guidelines to avoid delays or rejections.

The fee varies based on the pass. Pay online with an eNETS debit/credit card or in person with cash, NETS or credit card.

Keep the transaction receipt for collection of the work permit. Incomplete payment will delay the process.

Levy payments are extra & cannot be combined with processing fees.

In recent years, MOM has included various online modes for convenience. Don’t delay payment obligations as it could affect employment status. Get ready for the joy of collecting a new work pass.

Collection of New Work Pass

To collect your new work pass, you need to know the right process. In this section on “Collection of New Work Pass,” with a focus on “Notification of Collection Date” and “Collection Process,” we will guide you through the steps required for a hassle-free collection.

Notification of Collection Date

Once your work pass is approved, a notification will be sent to you. It will have details of the day and time for collection. You must arrive on time and bring all necessary documents for verification.

Be aware, not collecting your work pass in the given timeframe might result in penalties or even cancellation of your application. So make sure you prioritize it over other commitments.

For more information, refer to the instructions in the notification message. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! It’s important for employment in Singapore. Plan ahead and don’t miss any deadlines.

It’s like a game of hide and seek, but instead of searching for a person, you’re searching for a laminated card that could determine your livelihood.

Collection Process

Completion of the process to get a new work pass is done upon collection. Here’s how:

Required Documents:

  • Identification card copy
  • Appointment letter

Citizenship Status:

  • Singaporean
  • PR and foreigner


MOM Services Centre – Hall C, or the Work Pass Card Collection Centre at Bendemeer.

For an easy experience, SIRS can be called to enquire about the readiness of the work pass for collection. Individual appointment arrangements are not entertained unless in special circumstances.

The Straits Times reported 2000 cases per month related to lacking a valid work pass in Singapore. Getting a new work pass may not be fun, but it’s much better than a root canal!


You must return your working pass after you are done with your job. Find the MOM office and go to the drop-off point with your pass. Hand it over to the representative there.

Remember, not returning your pass can have legal issues. Prioritize this before you leave Singapore.

MOM wants employers to make sure their employees understand and obey this process. Both parties must pay attention to this duty after employment.

MOM says that people who don’t return their card within 7 days of their last day of work will have to pay fines or go to jail. To avoid any problems, make sure you finish it on time.